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5th Annual Ypsilanti Open House

Saturday, October 18, 2013

Begin at The Eyrie (9 East Cross Street) Click for map

What is Ypsilanti Open House?

  • See Houses
    Start at the Eyrie to pick up an info bag and map of open houses
    Tour houses at your own pace from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    We are showing the best houses for sale in ypsi
    Find the best bargains
    Find your dream home

  • Get the Scoop on Ypsi
    Meet the mayor of Ypsi
    Talk to other residents and get the straight scoop
    Meet with school representatives, as well as police and fire

  • Talk to the experts! Learn tips on buying a house this year
    Washtenaw Housing Education Partners (WHEP) Representative Loan managers
    Experienced Realtors

  • Spend some time exploring Ypsilanti

  • Special discounts from businesses like:
    Sidetrack Bar and Grill
    Eagle Crest Golf Club
    Bomber Restaurant
    Clover Computers
    And many more...

  • Explore Eastern Michigan University
    Tour Eastern and apply from 10 to 2 p.m
    Start at EMU Student Center
    Shuttle of Ypsi for the Explore Eastern program

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